Building an innovative, technological, and sustainable servicing model is possible.

At Algos, our method based on research and the constant balance between:


We are able to collect all the useful information before the acquisition process and thus maximize performance.


We have an agile structure that facilitates and speeds up the processes of both loan and real estate management.


Thanks to the expertise we have built over time and Algos’ lean corporate structure, our teams are able to work together seamlessly integrating into their respective business areas, according to a clear and transparent system of rules, objectives, and information, avoiding long rigid internal decision-making chains.


We have skilfully integrated the use of customized information systems with automatic indexing platforms that allow us for extreme speed and performance in data management.

We turn the most attractive NPL and UTPs investment opportunities
into valuable assets.

First lien mortgage loans secured by real estate.

The highly specialised expert teams at Algos are able to offer all services to analyse, manage and give value to the assets in their portfolios thanks to the integrated internal organisation and the proprietary method.

Pre-acquisitive due diligence

Our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and our ability to analyse and identify the best recovery scenarios allow us to effectively support investment strategies in mortgage portfolios and single names.

UTP and NPL-secured credit management

Thanks to the perfect and agile synergy between the legal, reoco and commercial teams, we have rapid decision-making processes that enable a smooth and effective transfer of properties and a rapid implementation of recovery strategies.

Real Estate Services

The strong integration of technical, commercial and management skills enables the reoco team to define, co-ordinate, and effectively implement the management, development and valorisation of assets.